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[LLDPE weekly review] petrochemical production reduction warehouse receipts rebounded

I. this week's market (August 11 to August 15):

the LLDPE warehouse receipts market began to rebound in the middle of this week. With the reduction of petrochemical production and the depletion of downstream manufacturers' inventories, traders' sentiment towards the market gradually increased, and the LLDPE warehouse receipt index reported 1424.60 points, a sharp rebound of 80.9 points over last week. The specific trend of the week is as follows:

this Monday, the main warehouse receipt ll0810 opened low and went high. The intraday price once reached 13000, and the late K-line closed with shadow line and positive line; On Tuesday, the main warehouse receipt ll0810 opened low and went high. At the end of the day, the K-line closed at the Changyang line, and the 5-day moving average and the 10-day moving average fell through the entity; On Wednesday, the main warehouse receipts continued to open low and go high, and the price rose compared with the previous trading day; The settlement of main warehouse receipts on Thursday was 13419 yuan/ton, and the transaction details of one week are as follows:

warehouse receipts actively cultivate yachts New consumer markets such as ice and snow sports equipment

settlement price (yuan/ton)

LLDPE warehouse receipts were traded this Sunday (batch)

LLDPE warehouse receipts order quantity (batch)

this weekend

last weekend

rise and fall

this week

last week

increase and decrease

this weekend

last weekend

increase and decrease




↑ 789



↓ 656



↑ 50




↑ 821

comprehensive analysis:

from the daily K-line chart of the index, This week, the K-line combination entity has three positive and two negative. On the 5th, this kind of plastic bag is poor in thickness and toughness, and the average slowly began to rise. The K-line shows that this week's entity reported to close with the shadow line positive line, the KDJ index is passivated, and the area of MACD green column is reduced. By Friday, the K-line of the main variety ll0810 showed that its closing price fell to 13490 yuan/ton, which was significantly lower than that of last week, and the market showed signs of decline; Bol line opening operates horizontally; KDJ index is on the price track down

international crude oil continued to decline this week. As of the close of this Friday, WTI crude oil closed at $115.01/barrel, down $5.01/barrel from last Friday; Brent crude oil was reported at 112.64 US dollars/barrel, down 5.22 US dollars from last Friday. The supply of PE US gold market was tight this week, and the quotation rose due to the rise in crude oil prices and the better atmosphere in the domestic market. Crude oil and ethylene monomers remained strong at high levels, and external prices rose

in terms of spot goods: the PE market has been in the doldrums for two months at the beginning of this week. On Tuesday, the petrochemical production reduction was partially implemented, and the long-awaited traders finally caught some highlights of speculation. The market quotation rebounded rapidly, and the offer exceeded 13000 yuan/ton. It may be closed and reluctant to sell due to frequent use or even some strongly bullish merchants. However, most of the sources of goods traded in the market are among middlemen, and the entry of downstream manufacturers into the market is not obvious. Due to the obvious oversold of the market price in the early stage, the market showed a small positive, and the market rose rapidly under the speculation of the business group. However, we have to admit that the current market speculation factors affect the market, and the downstream demand is not obvious. From a fundamental point of view, the price supported by the market, no matter how high the price is, is very difficult. At present, the differences in the mentality of businesses also prove this point, and some businesses choose to close their plates to rise; Some businesses believe that the market situation is driven by the hype atmosphere that also needs to be well protected and maintained, which is difficult to last for a long time, and the main operation is to ship goods at high prices

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