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LM company shows the mechanics of Instron material testing machine on blades

at the Copenhagen global climate conference, which will close this week, LM glasfiber (ELM glass fiber products Co., Ltd.) of Denmark showed the world's largest wind turbine blades

laboratory staff are using Instron universal material testing machines 3384, 8802 and 3 8801 to test the mechanical properties of blades

to COP15

"One or two weeks ago, the world's largest wind power blade arrived in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, from lunderskov, a small town in Denmark. Here, in the most crucial days of the discussion on global climate change, it will attract the attention of millions of people. In December, the 61.5-meter-long blade will await the arrival of world leaders.

wind power work! This is the most powerful wind power industry from this climate conference One of the evidences is that the 61.5-meter-long blade of LM glasfiber, the longest blade in the world, has continuously improved the dimensional accuracy of products, symbolizing the rise of the wind power industry

blades fully and clearly prove the intensive development of wind power industry. 25 years ago, the longest wind turbine blade wheel with a diameter of 16 meters could only generate 50KW Today, the rotating diameter of wind turbine blades produced on a large scale is 126m, sweeping almost two football fields, and the rated output is 5MW - enough to provide power for 5000 European households

earlier on Friday, the blades were still in lunderskov factory of LM glasfiber to be transported to Copenhagen. Now, it is placed in the main entrance of Bella Center, but it is beneficial to detect materials with very large or very small elongation and obtain accurate experimental results, as part of the wind power movement in collaboration with the Danish Wind Power Industry Association (GWEC)

blade introduction

lm 61.5p blade development prototype has been produced as early as 2004, after several years of extensive research and development in materials, design and production process. Today, 18.8 tons of blades have been mass produced in lunderskov factory of LM glasfiber, which is close to the small Danish city of koling. The fatigue value of the test piece can be measured by the experimental machine of the blade. During the development process, they must be tested. Through the year-round test, the blades must withstand extreme loads and bending to determine that they can withstand 20 years of moderate strength wear and tear in harsh and windy environments

blades are mainly developed for offshore projects and installed in coastal wind farms in Germany, Scotland and Belgium. In the service life of 20 years, a wind turbine with 5MW rated power generation can help reduce the emission of 180000 tons of CO2

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