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Loader leader, Shandong Lingong shines the world

congratulations on the launch of Lingong F series new products at the 2017 Russia CTT exhibition

on May 30, the beautiful Moscow River, the modern klokus International Exhibition Center, the 18th CTT exhibition in 2017 opened grandly, and Shandong Lingong brought F Series platform products to the exhibition

as the first loader supplier in Russia, Shandong Lingong has become a synonym for Chinese construction machinery in the Russian market

At 10:20 a.m., the launch ceremony of Shandong Lingong new F Series platform loader officially began. With the launch ceremony, Shandong Lingong construction machinery distribution network all over Russia comprehensively launched F Series platform loaders to the market, which also marked that the technical revolution led by "made in China" construction machinery in the Russian market finally came to the market, creating value for end customers more efficiently, intelligently and environmentally friendly

on the first day of listing, all the participating vehicles were sold as soon as they appeared. Since the exhibition began two days ago, nearly 100 orders for F series products have been obtained, adding an extra beautiful scenery to the beautiful Moscow river

In his speech, Mr. Qi Jun, President of the China Construction Machinery Association, pointed out that under the background of the rebound in demand in the construction machinery market in major economies such as Russia, Shandong Lingong has devoted itself to research, research and development, committed to the accumulation and innovation of core technologies, and has been leading the development of the industry for decades, using cement slurry to fill all the gaps under the machine base, Based on the pursuit of ultimate reliability, Shandong Lingong will continue to launch subversive energy-saving replacement products, and contribute a strong engineering machinery force to protect the common Blue Homeland of the earth and achieve sustainable social development. It is believed that with the continuous promotion of the the Belt and Road boom, Shandong Lingong will contribute to the economic construction of the the Belt and Road with its shiny made in China image

At the launch ceremony, Mr. Wang Xiaohui, assistant to the general manager of Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., once again stressed that whether in the domestic market of China, the Russian market, or other markets in the world, Shandong Lingong has always been responsible for the trust of customers, always adhere to improving the quality stability of products, and always pursue the all-round development of the post market, Always actively advocate the healthy development of the whole industry. With the continuous development and development of the regions benefiting from the the Belt and Road, made in China will receive more attention from the world, which is both an opportunity and a challenge. The reliable Shandong Lingong always bears the great trust of all customers and friends

data backup of F series reverse zigzag experimental machine exhibited by Shandong Lingong this time: the test data can be saved in any hard disk partition loader, which continues to steadily improve the comprehensive reliability of the product, and creatively realizes a new level of maximum braking force: the development of 250kN platform is matched with the ladder shaped lead screw, and the product is more suitable for all kinds of harsh industries and mines. It is equipped with a powerful engine with three-stage filtration, which perfectly matches the hydraulic system of the whole machine, The service life of key structural members of loading operation has been greatly improved, which is at the world leading level

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just like the healthy development of driver groups advocated by the top driver campaign launched in Russia since 2016, the new F Series platform products are based on meeting the ergonomic needs of Russian drivers. The new third-generation protective cabin silent cab, while meeting stringent safety requirements, protects the driver's health with mute technology far below industry standards, Respect the health rights of every worker

I believe that with the continuation of the exhibition, F series new platform products will continue to attract the attention of professional customer groups, and will also become the brightest star in the resurgence of the Russian construction machinery market. In the top driver Crimea station, St. Petersburg station and other activities launched in succession, customers and friends all over Russia can experience the unique charm of the new F Series platform products on the spot

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the exhibition will last until June 3. The shining Shandong Lingong will meet you on e-1/10

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