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Application of Yanxiang industrial computer in laser marking machine

I. system overview

laser has just been called "a tool to solve problems". Scientists realized from the beginning that laser, a strange thing, will become the most important technical factor of this era. So far, with only a few decades of preliminary application, laser has had a significant impact on our way of life. For example, laser marking technology, laser cutting technology, laser welding technology have been widely used. Laser marking machine has been widely used in the world since the late 1980s. With its unique advantages of no pollution, anti-counterfeiting and low maintenance costs, it replaces the "dot matrix ink jet printer" to mark different coding information for each product on the high-speed running assembly line without pause and contact. Especially after the laser is burned, it has unique effect, can't be altered or imitated, and has strong anti-counterfeiting function. It is widely used in the production lines of food, daily chemicals, medicine, communication equipment and other products

a domestic company has been involved in the research and development of laser marking machine for a long time. After years of efforts, it has adopted foreign high-quality civil lasers and configured the embedded product fsc-1713vn of Yanxiang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. as the laser console and all Chinese control software to develop laser marking machine products with advanced performance, which have become popular in food, daily chemicals, communications, tobacco Major suppliers of marking equipment in many industries such as medicine

II. System schematic diagram

III. system principle description

the system power supply is connected to 220V (50Hz) to supply power to the industrial computer and carbon dioxide RF laser respectively. Through the marking software, the industrial computer controls the marking system and galvanometer system. When the object requiring marking moves on the production line, the photoelectric sensor captures the movement of the object and returns the signal to the marking system, which is returning the signal to the industrial computer. After receiving the signal, the industrial computer sends a signal to the galvanometer system and the carbon dioxide RF laser. The galvanometer system adjusts the x-direction and Y-direction galvanometer, and the RF laser sends a beam to the x-direction and Y-direction galvanometer, deflecting it to the object requiring marking

IV. system hardware configuration with a long history of 100 years

1. Industrial computer configuration instructions

industrial CPU card: evoc-1713vn P4 industrial computer motherboard, which can be configured with P4 level processor

memory: 256MB

hard disk: 80GB

power supply: ps-270a

display: CRT and LCD display supporting VGA interface

2. Evoc-1713vn features:

◇: 53gb 3MHz system bus, Support hyper threading technology

◇: in some utilization fields, Intel 8, you need to inspect the temperature changes, 45gv+ich4 chipset, two ddr200/266 DDR DIMM sockets

◇: Intel extreme graphics acceleration controller, 266 MHz core speed

◇: exclusive Chinese and English interface BIOS

◇: a 10m/100mbps Ethernet controller, RJ-45 interface

◇: two ata66/100 ide interfaces, Six Guangya aluminum and Nanjing University set up Guangya aluminum processing research institute with USB 2.0 interfaces

◇: AC97 codec is integrated on the board to provide high-quality sound effect

◇: support at/atx power supply

3, laser

can adopt imported carbon dioxide RF laser, power w

4, galvanometer system

V, system review

nowadays, Yanxiang provides industrial control hardware platform for many civil laser R & D enterprises, The products provided include: full-length industrial CPU card, low-power full-length, half length industrial CPU card and embedded series, which make the whole system operate stably and reliably. At present, the products that have been developed include: laser marking machine, laser metal cutting machine, laser engraving machine, etc., which have achieved good economic benefits and also played a positive role in promoting the development of domestic civil laser technology

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