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Lloyd will show the new version of nexygenplus software in Chinaplas 07

Chinaplas 2007 will provide the first opportunity in China to show the new multifunctional nexygenplus material testing and control software of Lloyd instruments, and the new ftplus friction coefficient instrument in the range of Davenport plastic and polymer testing instruments of the company. Through the Shanghai Representative Office of AMETEK Co., Ltd. and its dealers, Lloyd instruments, as an important supplier of material testing systems in the Chinese market, provides 1kn to 300KN instruments for plastic, one-sided search for cheap packaging, rubber and other testing applications

plastic application geometry under the problem of "high load ls100plus" sharing economy "good materials dare not use" will be displayed at the same time of the exhibition? Material testing machine and low load lrxplus single column testing machine, equipped with ex800plus long range extensometer. All machines can finish cleaning and ink grinding or reduce oil grooves to eliminate faults, such as tensile, bending strength, compression, puncture strength and more tests. Other Davenport instruments include fully automatic melt index meter mfi-10 with automatic flow rate timer, solvent-free melt viscosity meter MV for PET melt viscosity (MV) and intrinsic viscosity (IV), and thermal deformation/Vicat hdt/vicat tester

ftplus is a professional, high-precision, desktop single screw friction tester, which meets the requirements of major friction testing standards, such as ASTM d1894, ISO 8295 and TAPPI t549. Ftplus is used to test static and dynamic friction coefficient, peak load and average load

nexygenplus software with a wide range of functions includes test creation, data collection, reporting and output of test data, video and still image capture, test data security and traceability, test automation and customization. Nexygenplus can be used in 11 instruments of the company's "plus" series, with loads up to 150kn

ls100plus and lrxplus provide general material tests with loads of 100kN and 5kn respectively. Ls100plus is used to test large devices such as plastic tubes and plastic drums. Lrxplus will be equipped with ex800plus contact extensometer to accurately measure the elongation of semi-rigid plastic, elastomer and rubber. It can also be used to test materials with high elongation to bending and fracture, which fully conforms to ISO 9513:2002

davenport mfi-10 melt index instrument is an intelligent unit that can automatically test the melt flow rate of polymers. For extrusion and injection molding for resin manufacturers and processors, the melt flow rate and melt volume flow rate of thermoplastics are tested before manufacturing processing. Melt viscosimeter MV provides important cost and environmental advantages for pet testing

davenport thermal deformation/Vicat HDT/vicatplus is used to test the thermal deformation temperature and Vicat softening point of plastics, and quickly test the softening temperature of plastics. With 6 independent workstations, the improved instrument strengthens the protection of operators to avoid the possibility of human injury caused by exposed hot oil. (end)

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