The hottest loan of nearly 10billion helped Hunan

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Nearly 10billion loan helps Hunan enterprises go out of engineering machinery. We specialize in better production of quotation escort machinery for you.

nearly 10billion loan helps Hunan enterprises go out of engineering machinery enterprises.

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② nylon alloying will become the mainstream of the development of modified engineering plastics. On June 9, it was learned from the Hunan Branch of the export import bank that the bank gives full play to the advantages of a timely bank with zero experimental power of policies, Since this year, we have increased our support for provincial foreign trade enterprises, and the growth rate of credit supply has been obvious. As of the end of May, the bank's new loans amounted to 9.296 billion yuan, an increase of more than 30% over the beginning of the year, of which the new foreign exchange loans amounted to 898 million US dollars, an increase of 60% over the beginning of the year. The balance and increment of foreign exchange loans ranked first among financial institutions in the province

this year, the Hunan Branch of the export import bank increased its support for Hunan's foreign trade advantages and key industries. Increase credit to i-bus digital measurement and control circuit enterprises such as Zoomlion, Lansi technology, Xianggang and Jinwang bismuth, which are major importers and exporters in the province, and support Sany's overseas financing through internal guarantee and external loan under the condition of limited credit scale. At the same time, it has increased its support for enterprises in the province to "go global", focusing on overseas investment and transnational acquisition projects. This year, the bank has successively supported the FMG refinancing project of Valin Group, the acquisition of parfiger project by Sany Heavy Industry, and the acquisition of the equity project of m-TEC company by Zoomlion. The bank also continued to strengthen the development of trade financing business. The business volume of letters of credit, documentary bills and overseas payment agency increased significantly, boosting the growth of overseas business of enterprises in Hunan Province

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