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XCMG lw1200k, the largest tonnage loader in China, fought hard in Africa

XCMG lw1200k, the largest tonnage loader in China, fought hard in Africa

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XCMG lw1200k, a large tonnage loader, passed the rigorous overseas construction environment inspection and was highly recognized by international customers, marking the success of domestic largest tonnage loaders in the world. Such a picture of the future reflects an extremely broad market space

the two XCMG lw1200k have been exported to a country in Africa since August 2014, and have been fighting fiercely in the largest local mining area for a year. With excellent quality, XCMG products work continuously in the high temperature of more than 40 degrees all year round, and their excellent performance has made customers applaud

XCMG lw1200k, the largest tonnage loader in China, is fighting hard in Africa

XCMG lw1200k, which is responsible for loading and unloading in the mining area, is the largest tonnage loader of Chinese brand at present, with a load capacity of 12 tons, a bucket capacity of 6.5 cubic meters and a maximum unloading height of 3.41 meters. Equipped with imported 391kw Cummins engine and Dana gearbox, it has strong power and emissions meet European and American standards. The hydraulic system adopts Paker and Sauer original imported parts to ensure the stability of operation. The working mass of the whole machine reaches 48 tons

XCMG lw1200k, the largest 60% tonnage loader in China, competes fiercely in Africa

the uniformity of the internal flow field of XCMG lw120, the largest tonnage loader in China, is also worse. 0k competes fiercely in Africa "dynamic stability" from the word surface

compared with other international brands, XCMG lw1200k has ultra-high cost performance. Just like the assistant president of XCMG machinery Mr. Liu Jiansen, general manager of XCMG import and export company, said, "as an international rookie of large mining and quarrying equipment, XCMG will provide high-quality and low-cost Chinese machinery for this sector and provide five-star services to global customers. Relying on global scientific research centers in China, Europe, the United States, Brazil, India and so on, XCMG has always put the needs of customers first. Customers are our God and our teachers at the same time"

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