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Loader construction in East China mining area: Na Kuang Ju Shan XCMG takes the lead

loader construction in East China mining area: Na Kuang Ju Shan XCMG takes the lead

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Guide: East China has been an area with developed industry and agriculture since ancient times, and this area is also no inferior in terms of mineral resource reserves, with several mining cities that are famous in the country. Here, where there are mines, there are loaders, and where there are loaders, there are XCMG. The perfect sales volume of XCMG loaders in this area makes

East China has been a developed region in industry and agriculture since ancient times, and this region is not inferior in terms of mineral resources reserves, with several famous mining cities in the country. "Here, where there are mines, there are loaders, and where there are loaders, there are XCMG". The perfect sales volume of XCMG loaders in this region makes it occupy an absolutely dominant position. Along the mineral map of East China, a journey to find "machines" has begun

"XCMG loaders are inexpensive and sufficient in quantity, which is our 'magic machine that will stop in the middle after heavy unloading'"

with the bumpy roads with mining characteristics, we visited the king of mines in East China, where there are 276 million tons of iron ore in geological reserves, and it is also the first batch of local large tonnage loaders

"that one is the boss, this is the second, both of which are XCMG 6-ton loaders." Lao Gu, the captain of the loading and unloading team of the sales department, saw that we "watched" the two XCMG lw600k loaders transferring iron powder, and introduced them to us with great interest. The boss and the second are their nicknames according to the order in which the two machines enter the factory. Knowing that we are from XCMG, Lao Gu hurriedly called master Cui, who is the oldest in the team and has more than 20 years of experience in driving loaders, and asked him to give us a good introduction to the use of these two machines

"I used to drive loaders of more than 5 tons, all of which are imported brands. When these two loaders entered the factory, we all expressed doubts. Is the domestic large tonnage loading power going up? Because in our place, the two 6-ton loaders shovel at least 6000 tons of iron powder every day, so the workload of each machine is nearly 400 tons per hour. This is no joke, which is a great challenge to the stability and bearing capacity of the machine. Because they go there frequently every day When reloading, the general machine braking is easy to heat up, and the braking performance of XCMG's car is particularly good. There is absolutely no need to say! The car has been used for nearly 2 years, and the average work time is more than 3000 hours. Not to mention that XCMG's brand is guaranteed, although it is 6 tons, a shovel is 10 tons of iron concentrate powder, which benefits from the 4-way bucket we choose! XCMG's car is made of solid materials, heavy body and strong overload capacity, which can fully meet our working conditions. " The shy looking master Cui talked about his forklift

in China's large tonnage loader market, the price of foreign brands with the same tonnage is nearly twice that of domestic brands. As the leader of China's large tonnage loaders, XCMG took the lead in introducing mature large tonnage loader technology in the industry and achieved many innovative breakthroughs. It has the most complete series of large tonnage loaders in the industry, especially China's largest tonnage loader XCMG lw1200k, For the first time, China's loader technology is comparable to the world. Xugong large tonnage loaders are completely comparable to imported brands in terms of manufacturing level and technical content, and have surpassed the world in many aspects. The same quality, preferential price and considerate service have also become an important reason for Chinese people to choose Xugong large tonnage loaders. Since 2012, the sales volume of large tonnage loaders of XCMG has surpassed that of imported brands in one fell swoop, leaping to the first place in the industry in the Chinese market

"the quality of XCMG loaders is absolutely No.1, and the service moves us."

although a city in the East is prosperous because of mining, it is different from the haze and mess of mining cities. The neat urban planning, the quiet urban roads built around the lake, and the large and medium-sized steel enterprises are located in clean and tidy development zones. What we want to explore is "XCMG gold" shuttling between steel muscles and iron bones

in a steel slag workshop, we saw two XCMG lw600k 2016 loaders waiting for the front line. After careful observation, we found that the tires of these two machines were different from those of ordinary machines. According to Director Lin, the plant's equipment director, this is a fire-proof solid tire specially equipped by XCMG according to the construction requirements, "Our working environment here is very bad, high temperature and dust. The main task of these two machines is to shovel and transport steel slag to specific stations. The temperature of the working object is above 1000 degrees, and ordinary tires are certainly not good. And XCMG's large tonnage products meet our requirements and are equipped with special tires for the equipment. You chose XCMG not only because you customized this special product for us in the fastest time, but also because of the machine The quality of is good, and the operation is very convenient, which is the most popular operator here. "

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