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loading the world XCMG | XCMG loading machinery participated in the 2018 China (Panama) comprehensive brand exhibition

China Construction Machinery Information

on December 2 local time, the 2018 China (Panama) comprehensive brand exhibition opened at the altapa Pavilion in Panama City

as the largest and highest level economic and trade exhibition held by China in Panama since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Pakistan, this exhibition will introduce several experimental machines as a reference: to promote local people's understanding of China and promote economic and trade cooperation and cultural exchanges between the two countries

focus on the "XCMG gold"

at the 3200 square meter comprehensive brand exhibition site, a bright "XCMG gold" impressively entered the eyes of the audience. As the only invited unit in China's construction machinery industry, XCMG participated in the exhibition with six units, including Huawei, CCCC, China Railway, China railway construction, COSCO, Bank of China, and four high-quality products representing XCMG's "technology leading, indestructible" gold standard, It covers two loading machines, namely zl50gn wheel loader and xc870k excavator loader

XCMG exhibited a sand table of complete sets of construction machinery and equipment, which attracted many audiences. Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group, told the story of XCMG to the public

born in a famous family and creating classics

XCMG, as the leader of China's loader industry, ZL50G is an outstanding model of the third generation loader products that has contributed to the industry, representing the highest level of 5-ton loaders at that time. It is also a leader not only in China, but also in overseas export models. The zl50gn model on display this time is a customized optimized version combined with overseas working conditions. With strong power and comfortable driving, it is widely used in engineering construction, large ports, logistics, mines and other working conditions. The export volume remains more than 2000 units per year, and leads the industry with a 15% market share

the combination of two swords leads the industry

xc870k excavator loader technology is leading, with 38 authorized patents, including four invention patents to improve work efficiency. With the dual skills of both excavator and loader, it has a huge market demand in the construction of overseas market infrastructure. It shows the image of benchmark products with an overseas export market share of more than 25%, and ranks first in market share for several consecutive years. Xc870k is not only xc870k, XCMG has two other excavators and loaders, including xc870hk and WZ. The overall overseas export share remains above 60%, leading the industry

locate the Americas and radiate the world

spread out any map of the Americas. Panama, located at the junction of North and South America, is always a focus that people can't take their eyes off. Panama is located at the junction of the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. At the same time, it is also the intersection of North and South America. Its geographical location is very critical. Panamanian president Valera once said in a televised speech to the national public:

China has always played an important role in the Panamanian economy. At present, China is the second largest user of the Panama Canal and the largest commodity supplier of the Cologne Free Trade Zone in Panama

on December 2, the first day of the exhibition, a large number of local and neighboring Central American customers gathered in front of XCMG's booth to enter XCMG's products and understand and exchange

in North America, XCMG has set up a North American R & D center and a number of spare parts warehouses. Through systematic international layout and adaptability improvement, XCMG has achieved the localization of spare parts, services, supporting facilities, talents and other projects, and made every effort to build a mainstream supplier in the construction machinery market in the Americas. In the Americas, XCMG's products have been recognized by more and more local customers, and the export volume has increased year by year. Recently, 40 XCMG's latest series of loaders xc948 were exported to the North American high-end market in batches, which once again shows that XCMG's service journey is a hard international brand strength

customers try the xc870k in person and highly evaluate the performance of XCMG xc870k

the 2018 China (Panama) comprehensive brand exhibition is a display of the fruitful results of the extensive cooperation between the two countries in economy, trade, culture and art since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Pakistan one year ago. XCMG's participation is not only a display of the highest level and strength of China's construction machinery, but also a demonstration of China's industrial strength to the world as a representative of national brands, Establish an international XCMG image

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