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Jietong Huasheng: the intelligent outbound call robot named and praised by the Ministry of industry and information technology is also brilliant in these fields

after returning from a business trip in Qingdao, Mr. Li received a call from the community and asked him what areas he had been to? Do you have symptoms such as fever and cough? Do your relatives and friends have discomfort symptoms before and after business trip? The intimate and meticulous inquiry and serious attitude make the parties feel more secure

the intelligent outbound call robot for epidemic prevention and control, which was named and praised by the science and Technology Department of the Ministry of industry and information technology in June this year, completed this task. During the most tense period of epidemic prevention and control, the intelligent outbound call robot cooperated with community staff to complete the travel statistics, health tracking and other information transfer work of the personnel under the jurisdiction through batch dialing, which not only realized the efficient and full coverage of the problem of checking whether the universal laboratory machine was stored in a short time, but also avoided the risk of infection of offline statistical screening of staff

in fact, before being known by the public this time, intelligent outbound robots have been put into use in many industries and fields to provide intelligent services for our convenient life. For example, express message notification, credit card bill reminder, talent recruitment invitation, customer complaint return visit, after-sales and appointment services, product promotion and sales, questionnaire survey, etc

simulate human intelligent response

being able to highly simulate human voice is the foundation for intelligent outbound robot to communicate more smoothly and naturally with people. Based on speech synthesis technology, outbound robots can provide different timbres according to different businesses, such as using sweet and natural timbres in return visits and notification scenes; Enthusiastic and lively timbre is used in marketing scenes; The repayment reminder uses a serious and formal tone

based on speech recognition and natural language understanding technology, the intelligent outbound robot can accurately recognize dialect accents, minority languages, English, Japan, South Korea and other foreign languages, truly understand the content that users want to express, can quickly respond to customer questions, and achieve multiple rounds of interactive, question and answer, patient, meticulous, friendly and natural services. It also supports interruptions at any time during the call process. When customers chat, the outbound robot can also defuse it skillfully, Guide customers back to the main line of business

quick screening intelligent classification

effective call through rate is a major indicator of outbound calls. In the process of outbound calls, there are usually downtime, blank number or wrong number. Calling manually wastes time, and a large number of useless work is also easy to cause staff irritability and affect the follow-up communication effect

the intelligent outbound robot can assist the manual to complete the screening quickly. Just import the information into the intelligent outbound system, and the outbound robot can call automatically. After completion, the outbound robot can return the call results in real time and intelligently classify them, which is convenient for business personnel to follow up effectively. For example, promotion marketing scenarios are automatically divided into intentional customers, potential customers, unintended customers, etc., which helps marketers accurately match customers

the Lingyun intelligent outbound call robot built by Jietong Huasheng for a large bank has 2500 outbound call lines, covering 9 major categories of business, more than 600 versions have been launched, outbound calls have exceeded 100million times, and the sales amount has reached 100billion

add added value, automatic recording, real-time transcribing

when dialing manually, you need to concentrate on obtaining effective information, while communicating and recording. After hanging up, for careless 3 powder area; Missing problems can only be found by memory. The intelligent outbound call system will record the whole call and convert the voice into text at the same time. The staff can trace the recording to intuitively understand the needs of customers

the Lingyun intelligent outbound call robot launched by Jietong Huasheng is deployed through private cloud, which ensures information security and provides customers with continuous and stable services. At present, Lingyun intelligent outbound robots have been widely used in banking, insurance, securities, mutual finance and other financial fields to help call centers improve quality and efficiency

AI is providing new growth momentum for all walks of life in the way of empowerment. With the popularization of intelligent outbound robots, manpower can be released from boring work, and then create higher value. As one of the first enterprises to launch intelligent outbound robots, Jietong Huasheng is willing to work with industrial partners in various industries and fields to jointly promote the popularization and application of Lingyun intelligent outbound robots nationwide and improve production efficiency

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