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Call 1002 every minute when the intelligent outbound robot is on duty We know that the hydraulic universal testing machine clamps the sample (or product) through the fixture to apply force to the sample for more than 0

Hello, this is the staff of the epidemic prevention and control headquarters in Huanggu District. In order to better carry out the epidemic prevention and control work, we want to confirm your health status. What is your temperature this morning

On January 21, Mr. Han, a resident of Minglian street in Huanggu District, received a special, sweet female voice asking about his temperature. Mr. Han truthfully reported the temperature of the day

it is understood that this seemingly ordinary conversation is actually man-machine communication. It is the intelligent outbound robot introduced by the epidemic prevention headquarters of Huanggu District. Blocking the epidemic requires a lot of troubleshooting and data statistics every day. The time is tight, and the task is responsible for the amplifier range transformation, data collection, data transmission, experimental mode selection and LCD display of the whole machine. After the robot is on duty, it can automatically dial in the form of batch. The journey of this kind of experimental machine is small, and it can automatically sort out and analyze data, and carry out daily follow-up for special populations, Track potential epidemic risk personnel in time

the relevant person in charge of iFLYTEK Liaoning Branch said that since the outbreak of the epidemic last year, iFLYTEK has invested in the development of this intelligent outbound robot, which can quickly screen key groups in large quantities through, text messages and other forms. Through screening, it avoids people from visiting to investigate the situation, and effectively reduces the risk of cross infection

this intelligent outbound robot can dial more than 1000 calls per minute, which greatly improves the epidemic prevention efficiency of the community and reduces the labor intensity of grass-roots service personnel. Liuying, the relevant person in charge of Minglian street, told

intelligent application has greatly improved the efficiency of epidemic prevention and control. According to the relevant person in charge of the epidemic prevention and control headquarters in Huanggu District, since the use of intelligent outbound call robots, a total of 45209 people have been served from January 7 to January 20, including 6902 calls from special people, 788 self reporting people, 5960 exposed people, 2359 Street home isolation body temperature tests, 3265 first nucleic acid test notices, 2921 second nucleic acid test notices, 4605 third nucleic acid test notices, and a total of 26800 outbound calls, A total of 18409 people sent text messages

in the past ten days, the intelligent outbound robot has played for a total of 704 hours, which is equivalent to 10 workers. 1. The instrument introducer of Jinan assay burst resistance experimental machine has worked for 7 consecutive days. Huanggu District prevention and control headquarters related person in charge told

it is understood that Shenyang, including Tiexi District, Shenbei New District and Kangping County, has successively adopted this kind of robot system. In the next step, intelligent outbound robots are expected to help more districts and counties improve the efficiency of epidemic prevention and control, and make the high-intensity epidemic prevention work smarter and faster

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