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Smart electricity leads future life

the overall acceleration of intelligent electricity consumption brings changes in the quality of life. Over the past two years, Changchun power supply company has made breakthroughs in a number of pilot projects in the fields of intelligent operation control and two-way interactive services, which has made Changchun urban and rural people pay more and more attention to smart electricity. The first electric vehicle charging station in high cold areas in China has been completed, smart meters have been widely installed and applied, and the first smart electricity demonstration community in the province has been completed. It is only reported in the province that one new rural typical electricity consumption mode demonstration project has passed the acceptance. In Changchun City, smart electricity life is no longer far away

(1) self control operation mode pure electric bus is ready to go

urban intelligence starts from one line

just pull in a cable, and everything can be achieved by getting on, playing, watching TV, water and electricity meter reading, and home appliance intelligent control. In Zhongxin City, Changchun City, Jilin Province, an ordinary cable has opened a new era of intelligent life

as the country's first all electric fiber-optic home support three integration smart community, the Changchun CITIC City smart power construction project includes six parts: smart community communication platform (three integration), power information acquisition system, community master station system, photovoltaic power generation and charging pile in villa model room, smart home appliances in villa model room, and property center model room (smart home). It can realize full coverage of electricity meters, water meters and gas meters, and can print out complete experimental reports and curves in real time, with full collection and full cost control; Smart home appliance management and control, household load analysis, abnormal power consumption analysis and other value-added services; Community users can also log in to the smart home system through 3G mobile Internet for remote video monitoring and remote control of household appliances; Realize the functions of querying electricity information on TV and calling for electricity charges and cable TV charges by cable TV, and truly realize the function of two-way interactive service

change, starting with a power cable. A cable is not only the key to the last kilometer of the information superhighway, but also the breaking move to complete the three integration intelligent community on the user side, guiding people into a low-carbon, harmonious and intelligent future life

in the future, we can use electricity like financing. Said Wang Zhongwen, a resident of Zhongxin city in Changchun. In 2011, following the successful service of 410000 smart meters, Changchun power supply company will build and transform the Nanguan power consumption information acquisition system, and the success rate of automatic acquisition will reach more than 95%. By 2012, it will successfully lead Changchun citizens into the era of smart meters

the new rural area starts from a pilot project

the electric poles are gone, there are fewer wires, and the scenery of the rural area is becoming more and more beautiful. The voltage has stabilized, the power is sufficient, the agricultural structure has been significantly enhanced, the power supply capacity and reliability have been significantly improved, the grain output has increased year by year, and various enterprises have embarked on new production lines. The life of farmers is getting better and better

as the only pilot unit of the new rural typical power supply mode demonstration project in Jilin Province, the Yushu new rural typical power supply mode construction project is an important measure for the state-owned company to build strong smart electricity in combination with the characteristics of rural power consumption, and it is a comprehensive research project with the largest investment and the widest impact in the history of the national rural power system

the pantograph shed 66 kV integrated substation has the characteristics of modularization, industrialization, standardization, energy conservation, intelligence, maintenance free, etc. since it was put into operation, the reliability of power supply has increased from 95.5% to 99.6% now. Calculated by the power supply of 12million kwh, the profit will be increased by 200000 yuan per year. Sun Lingwen, a specialist in the production department of Yushu Rural Power Co., Ltd., is familiar with the benefits of this project

in the three demonstration villages built in Enyu Township, Yushu City, Zhu Feng, director of Enyu power supply station, actually felt the benefits of intelligence. The use of smart meters not only reduces the workload of meter readers, but now our power supply reliability has reached 99.7%, and the voltage qualification rate has also been greatly improved

the promotion of intelligent agriculture has quietly changed the way of production and life in the new countryside

low carbon life starts with a charging station

enter the first indoor multi-functional large-scale electric vehicle charging station in the northern cold regions of China Changchun high tech electric vehicle charging station, electric vehicles come and go, and the operation is in good order

pure electric vehicles are clean, environmentally friendly, energy-saving and emission reduction, which bring us real benefits. The charging cost is three quarters less than burning gasoline, and the power performance and driving mileage are not bad at all. Sun Tao, the driver of the No. 239 pure electric bus, said goodbye to the oil stained working environment and smiled with a smile that the specific energy of the system was trying to reach 260 watt hours/kg and the cost was reduced to less than 1 yuan/watt hour

we conservatively estimate that there will be four pure electric bus lines this year. One quarter of the enterprises in the development zone will use pure electric buses. There should be 150 electric vehicles to charge at the charging station. Lingyingliang, executive director of Gaoxin Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd., said

as an automobile city and one of the first pilot cities for private purchase of new energy vehicles in China, Changchun has a sudden rise. Not only buses, but also private cars are entering the era of pure electric vehicles. FAW has invested 300million yuan in research and development. At present, hybrid electric vehicles have entered the market, and pure electric vehicles will be put on the market in 2012

in addition, Jilin electric power company will also invest about 10million yuan to actively promote the construction of electric vehicle charging stations. Changchun power supply company has also signed the cooperation agreement on accelerating the construction of electric and electric vehicle charging facilities with Changchun municipal government to jointly create a new mode of environmental protection and low-carbon transportation and jointly create the era of electric vehicles

in 2011, Changchun will also build three electric vehicle charging stations in Jingyue, north high tech Zone and automobile industry development zone, and install 150 charging piles to fully support the green transformation of the automobile industry

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