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Intelligent modified atmosphere packaging system

modified atmosphere fresh keeping packaging (map) uses fresh-keeping gas to replace the air in the packaging container, change the gas environment in the container, inhibit the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms, so as to maintain the fresh color of food and slow down the metabolism of food 111 Modified atmosphere packaging can effectively solve the quality deterioration of vacuum packaged food, prolong the shelf life of food and reduce the cost of food circulation. With the change of people's consumption consciousness, modified atmosphere packaging technology is more and more recognized and welcomed by consumers for its superior safety and fresh-keeping function. The application of modified atmosphere packaging for retail fresh meat in the UK (1980) has greatly promoted the research and application of advanced international modified atmosphere packaging technology and equipment. 12. In the late 1990s, China began to develop modified atmosphere packaging technology and equipment for food. Shanghai meat processing enterprises have introduced foreign modified atmosphere packaging equipment and developed the modified atmosphere packaging market for fresh pork, which has laid a foundation for the market application of modified atmosphere packaging for food in China At present, compared with the international advanced level, the modified atmosphere packaging technology and equipment in China still have a large gap, which is mainly reflected in the low precision, poor stability and low degree of automation of the equipment. For easily oxidized food, the increase of oxygen content in packaging containers is easy to lead to oxidative deterioration of food and rapid reproduction of aerobic bacteria, shortening the shelf life of food 34 How to control the oxygen content of easily oxidized food packaging containers, improve productivity and automation, and reduce packaging costs has become an urgent technical problem of modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging. 1. System working principle for modified atmosphere packaging of easily oxidized food, due to different types and quantities of food, as well as different materials and sizes of packaging containers, the components and concentration of fresh-keeping gas in packaging containers must be strictly controlled to ensure the fresh-keeping effect of fresh food; At the same time, improve the automation of modified atmosphere packaging of easily oxidized food, improve production efficiency, save fresh-keeping gas consumption, and the air packaging system is 16MPa; The sealing size is 700mmx2mm, which is also mixed to ensure the accuracy of gas mixing. Dqb-700n modified atmosphere packaging machine is a manual controlled atmosphere packaging machine without vacuum chamber, which can directly vacuum, inflate and heat seal the packaging bag. It is composed of sealing parts, heat sealing parts, air nozzle expansion and contraction parts, vacuum generating parts, pneumatic system, frame, air source, etc, See the work flow for the working principle: bag preparation ※ pressing the bag mouth - air nozzle vacuumizing - 1 bag; 2 - sealing head; 3 - hot head; 4. A heat sealing cylinder; 5 - air nozzle telescopic rod; 6. Heat sealing solenoid valve V8; 7 - air nozzle telescopic cylinder; 8 - vacuum gauge; 9 - vacuum solenoid valve V9; 10 - vacuum pump; 11. A gas mixer; 12 - charging solenoid valve VRA; 13 - air nozzle telescopic solenoid valve V; 14 - sealing cylinder; 15 - working principle of sealed solenoid valve V2 dq700n modified atmosphere packaging machine to save costs 151 For the fresh-keeping packaging of easily oxidized food, build an intelligent modified atmosphere packaging system, see. First of all, the filled food packaging bag is vacuumized under the sealing environment of the food to be packaged - packaging bag gas proportion detection system intelligent modified atmosphere packaging system working principle vacuum inflatable packaging system; Then, PLC detects the concentration of fresh-keeping gas in the packaging bag through the gas proportion detection system, and controls the components and inflation amount of O2, CO2 and N2 gas filled into the packaging bag through the gas proportion mixing system, so as to realize the accurate control of the components and concentration of fresh-keeping gas in the packaging bag* After that, the vacuum inflatable packaging system completes the sealing of the packaging bag, outputs the finished packaging products, and realizes the automatic packaging of vacuumizing, inflating and sealing of food. LCD touch screen realizes the monitoring of packaging quality and quantity and the modification of control parameters. 2 system composition the intelligent modified atmosphere packaging system is mainly composed of vacuum inflatable packaging system, gas proportion mixing system, gas proportion detection system, PLC controller, LCD touch screen, etc. The design of the system mainly includes the calculation and selection of important components, the overall integration of the system, the design of control flow, the design of control sequence, etc. 2.1 vacuum inflatable packaging system the prefabricated bag automatic inflatable packaging machine mostly adopts the air flow modified atmosphere packaging method, which does not need vacuum pumping and has high production efficiency, but the residual oxygen rate of the packaging is as high as 5%, which is not suitable for the packaging of easily oxidized food. The prefabricated bag outside pumping semi-automatic vacuum inflatable packaging machine adopts the vacuum compensated modified atmosphere packaging method, and the packaging residual oxygen rate can be less than 1%. It is commonly used in the modified atmosphere packaging of easily oxidized food 16 Dqb-700n breathing modified atmosphere packaging machine is selected according to the technical requirements of modified atmosphere packaging of easily oxidized food and the actual situation of the laboratory. Dqn-700n modified atmosphere packaging machine is an external pumping vacuum inflatable packaging machine. Its main technical parameters are: gas replacement rate is 90% - 98%; The packaging capacity is 1 ~ 2 packages, 180 times/h; Inflation pressure is 0.06 ~ inflation (CO2, O2, N2) - secondary compression of bag mouth - air nozzle retraction - bag heat sealing - air nozzle reset. The control system of the packaging machine controls the on-off of the electromagnetic pneumatic valve to realize the automatic realization of the packaging workflow. 2.2 gas proportional mixing system the gas proportional mixing system is the core of the modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging system, which ensures that 2 or 3 kinds of fresh-keeping gases are mixed according to the predetermined * good proportion. There are five kinds of gas proportional mixing: isovolumetric method, isobaric method, constant volume and pressure method, time method and throttling method 16 Constant volume method, constant pressure method and constant volume and constant pressure method are more accurate, but they cannot continuously distribute gas; The time method device * is simple and has poor accuracy; The throttling method is relatively simple. If the outlet pressure of each gas cylinder is constant, adjust the opening of each outlet throttle valve to obtain a mixture of gas with a similar proportion to the predetermined ratio. The volume proportioner controls the flow of each fresh-keeping gas component by throttling method to obtain the mixed gas with a predetermined ratio. Main technical parameters: inlet pressure 0.85 ~1mpa; Outlet * high pressure 0.58mpa; Gas flow/min; The gas distribution range is 0~100%; The proportioning accuracy is 2% The gas mixing is carried out at room temperature, and the pressure of each gas and mixed gas is not large. At this time, the mixed gas can be regarded as an ideal gas. Mix90 breaks through the bottleneck. The 01 type gas proportioner adopts the diaphragm pressure proportional regulating valve, and applies the differential pressure regulating principle of the gas pressure proportional valve to make the gas pressure on both sides of the diaphragm equal, control the sectional area of each gas inlet of the gas mixing chamber, and realize the accurate mixing of fresh-keeping gas in the mixing chamber. Its working principle is shown in 2. N. The project adopts the caprolactam production HPO plus process technology of Royal DSM group of the Netherlands. 2. After CO2 passes through filter 1 and pressure reducing valve mix9001, the working principle of gas proportioner 2. Check valve 3, O2 and N2 enter both sides of gas pressure proportional regulating valve 4. Under the action of differential pressure, O2 and N2 on both sides of gas proportional regulating valve 4 output isobaric gas, and enter mixing chamber 5 through small holes, Nitrogen oxygen mixed gas and CO2 enter the pressure proportional regulating valve 12 and mixing chamber 10 in the same way for mixing, in which N2 also enters the diaphragm of the gas pressure proportional valve through the pressure proportional setter 7 as the starting gas; The orifice diameter can be changed according to the user's set values in gas mixing setting valves 6 and 11 to control the flow ratio of O2, CO2 and n23 gases; Then, the mixed gas is charged into the vacuum inflatable packaging machine at a certain flow rate through the speed regulating valve 9. 2. Gas proportion detection system gas proportion detector is an important supporting detection instrument of modified atmosphere packaging system. At present, there are mainly two methods for the detection and monitoring of gas components in modified atmosphere packaging of food 111: one is to use portable gas detectors to conduct regular and random sampling inspection in the production process. This method is cumbersome in operation and lags behind in detection, which is suitable for single machine detection; The other is detection. The gas detector is used to continuously detect the gas content in the unsealed packaging bag and feed it back to the control system in real time. The control system monitors the whole process quality according to the detection results and records the detection data at the same time. If equipped with PLC and other controllers and standard accessories (accessories): compensation actuator, it can realize the automatic adjustment of gas proportion. This method can find the error in the gas mixing ratio in time, save manpower and time, and improve the production oxygen line analyzer. The main technical parameters: the measurement accuracy of O2 is ± 1%, CO2 is ± 2%, and the amount of sample gas required for measurement is 2ml; The measurement time is 90% The gas proportion detection results are basically consistent with paccheck325o2co2 portable gas proportion analyzer, and the expected fresh-keeping effect is achieved. The PLC controller and LCD touch screen of dqb-700n breathing modified atmosphere packaging machine are redeveloped, and the intelligent modified atmosphere packaging control system is integrated, which effectively reduces the cost of the control system. Through secondary development, the switching soft switch of normal work and detection work mode is set in PLC. When the smart modified atmosphere packaging system works normally, it does not detect the gas composition in the packaging bag. During the detection, the packaging machine will automatically package according to the program and detect the gas composition at the same time. The working process of the intelligent modified atmosphere packaging system is shown in. The sequential work of the system is realized by PLC controlling the opening and closing of each solenoid valve according to the working flow chart. Conclusion the intelligent modified atmosphere packaging system has a large amount of work flow, improves work efficiency, saves the vacuum chamber using ICX (Global modified process 1) technology of traditional modified atmosphere packaging, and reduces the system cost. The system adopts manual adjustment of the components of the modified atmosphere packaging gas, which fails to realize the automatic adjustment of the gas proportion. In the future, we should conduct in-depth research in this area, use PLC to collect the information of cmv-2 analyzer, automatically adjust the gas components, and improve the automation of the intelligent modified atmosphere packaging system

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