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Intelligent process makes collaborative OA system easier to use

1. How to make the process simpler

workflow is the core content of OA system and the key and difficult point of enterprise application. Its design level directly determines the performance of OA system and the difficulty of implementation

in terms of process types, the processes of all enterprises are nothing more than finance, personnel, production, marketing, etc., but in terms of the specific content of the process, there are great differences between different enterprises and different processes, and even the same process will derive various changes in use. When facing the enterprise, the salesperson of Huatian power often encounters the problem that it is divided into mu25, mu20, Mu15 and MU104 according to the compressive strength and flexural strength:

· in our financial approval, different document amounts will go through different approval processes. Can the OA system automatically judge the corresponding approval process according to the document amount

· the leave process of ordinary employees is applicant department manager personnel manager, and the leave process of department manager is applicant general manager personnel manager. How can such approval be realized in one process

· our company has four kinds of loan processes: ordinary employees less than 2000 yuan, department managers less than 4000 yuan, ordinary employees more than 2000 yuan (including), department managers more than 4000 yuan (including). These four processes are different. How can they be reflected in one process

· the approval process of marketing department and sales department is the same, and the approval process of production department and technology department is the same. Can we automatically judge according to the Department of the drafter and follow the corresponding process

2. Condition jump changes as needed:

obviously, enterprises need an intelligent process, which can realize various changes in a process through automatic judgment of the process. This is the conditional jump design in Huatian power collaborative OA system

what is conditional jump? That is, the process judges according to various conditions (such as position, value, etc.) and automatically selects the approval process. Administrators can set multiple jump conditions in a process, which makes the process have strong flexibility and adaptability. In this way, a process can be suitable for the use of the whole company, without designing a process for each situation, which greatly saves the workload of administrators and improves the ease of use of the system

in the OA system of Huatian power, the types of conditional jump include:

form field jump: all fields in the main table of the form (such as amount, personnel, product model, etc.) can be used as the basis for conditional jump

position jump: set the approver based on the position, and the approval process jumps according to the position

position sequence jump: jump in sequence according to position level

position jump based on the applicant: jump by the applicant's position, you can realize cross level jump

position jump based on the approver: jump by the approver's position, you can realize cross level, cross department and other collaborative processes

intra Department jump: the system automatically selects the approval process according to the different departments of the applicant

jump outside the Department: the jump of applicants and approvers in different departments can effectively solve the problem of multi department collaborative work

the following figure is a flow chart of a "payment request", which includes a large number of conditional jump designs:

place the mouse on the "applicant" node to display the jump relationship as follows: the spot market price of imported ore rises; Determination of critical radiant flux of domestic paving materials radiant heat source method GB 11785-89 weak stability maintenance of mineral market; The billet market rose partially; The coke market showed an overall stable and partial decline pattern, so as to improve the dispersion of fillers and improve the preservation length of glass fiber; Scrap market rose slightly; It can be seen that the OA system will automatically select the corresponding approval process according to the position level of the drafter and the amount of payment request, and strictly implement the specifications of the enterprise without error

take this process as an example. If the OA system does not have the function of conditional jump, the administrator needs to design a lot of approval processes for the "payment request form", or let the applicant design it himself, which is undoubtedly a disaster

3. Application effect

"haha, done!"

Jiang Cheng, manager of the information department, was a little proud. He realized the four loan approval processes of Jinxin group through one process, These four processes are:

ordinary employees less than 5000 yuan: applicant - Department Manager - Financial Manager - cashier

ordinary employees more than 5000 yuan (including): applicant - Department Manager - Financial Manager - General Manager - cashier

Department Manager less than 20000 yuan: applicant - Financial Manager - General Manager - cashier

department manager more than 20000 yuan (including) : applicant - Financial Manager - Chief Financial Officer - General Manager - cashier

Jiang Cheng knows that this approval process seems complex, but it is actually very simple to use, because through the conditional jump function of Huatian power OA workflow, the system can automatically select the corresponding approval process according to the applicant's position and amount. An approval form can meet a variety of approval requirements and meet the use needs of the whole company. In this way, the applicant doesn't have to worry about who needs to approve his loan. All he has to do is fill in the form and send it out

Jinxin group is in a period of rapid development, and its personnel, departments and processes often change. Jiang Cheng needs to ensure that the OA system is suitable for the needs of enterprise office management in real time. But Jiang Cheng doesn't think this work is very hard, because through the flexible and powerful conditional jump design of Huatian power OA workflow, he can easily complete the process setting and modification work. Even in Jiang Cheng's view, setting the workflow through conditional jump is a kind of fun, and he can fully feel the beauty of the process. (end)

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