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We know that the thermal sublimation printer specially used for photo printing uses the same color bands as ordinary fax machines and stylus printers. However, the ribbon used by thermal sublimation printer is very different from that used by fax machine and needle printer. For example, the printing principle, raw materials, structure and even price of thermal sublimation ribbon are quite different from those of traditional ribbon. The following is a specific analysis of the color band difference of the printer (especially in terms of price)

type of ribbon

ribbon is a familiar printing consumable. From the earliest mechanical impact English printer, to the later needle printer, to the thermal sublimation printer currently mainly used for photo printing, color bands are used. At present, there are quite a few office equipment using ribbon, such as ribbon heat transfer fax machine, needle printer, thermal sublimation printer, digital printer, punch in machine, attendance machine, cash register, card issuing machine, typewriter, tax control machine, teller machine, bar code machine, etc. Of course, these different devices use different types of ribbon, because different devices have different requirements for the material, width, length, color and other items of the ribbon. In order to make the ribbon meet the needs of various office equipment, people have developed a variety of ribbons. Therefore, there are many kinds of ribbon products at present, It can be said that five flowers and eight poisons have made painstaking efforts in the replacement of harmful organic synthetic solvents

in terms of printing principle, the current ribbon can be divided into three types: the traditional stylus ribbon, the thermal transfer ribbon, and the thermal sublimation ribbon that gradually appeared and popularized in the later stage. The former is mainly used in office equipment such as stylus printer, English printer, punch in machine and attendance machine. The thermal transfer ribbon is mainly used in office equipment such as fax machine and bar code machine. The thermal sublimation ribbon is used in office equipment such as thermal sublimation printer and digital printer

differences among the three color bands

although the thermal sublimation printer is also an office equipment using color bands, its printing principle is very different from the office equipment using traditional color bands, and it is also a manifestation of the disconnection between the production and utilization of the new material industry. For example, the working principle of office equipment such as English typewriters and stylus printers usually uses the bumpers in the equipment to hit the ribbon, and then produces a printing effect on the printing paper and film. Thermal sublimation is a technology that uses a semiconductor element heating device to sublimate the pigments of the three primary color bands into gas phase and print them on special photo paper respectively, rather than through impact printing. Therefore, the color bands used in the thermal sublimation printer are essentially different from the traditional color bands

it should be noted here that in terms of printing principle, thermal sublimation and thermal transfer printing are basically the same. Both of them print the pigment in the ribbon onto the printed object by heating, but they have subtle differences. This is because heat transfer generally refers to thermosetting transfer, which often prints the color material directly on the printed object, and can not well control the color change. Therefore, it has the characteristics of durability, small image change, and is not suitable for photo color printing

thermal sublimation is a kind of gasification sublimation technology, which often requires special printing paper. It can control the change of color depth and transition at will, and has the characteristics of colorful and suitable for printing high-color pictures. Although the thermal sublimation technology is less durable than the thermal transfer printing, the photos printed by the thermal sublimation ribbon can also be durable with the help of the increased protective layer. Of course, thermal sublimation ribbons are also much more expensive than thermal transfer and stylus ribbons

the difference between raw materials and prices

the composition of traditional ribbon is very simple, which is made from nylon silk woven tape base after soaking and dyeing with ink. The dye ribbon used for thermal sublimation is generally called CMYK, which is composed of four layers of yellow, red, blue and protective film. They are all made of light plastic film. In terms of price, a box of brand-name original traditional ribbon costs only about 30 yuan, while a box of thermal sublimation ribbon costs about 90 yuan. Thus, the use of thermal sublimation ribbon consumables is indeed much more expensive than the use of traditional ribbons

in addition, the color band of thermal sublimation printer is disposable. The color band is generally sold together with the printing paper. Each roll of color band has three colors: yellow, red and blue. Each time a photo is printed, a group of color bands will be rolled. Its consumption is faster than that of the traditional color bands. However, the innovation center has a multi-point layout and the traditional color bands can often be recycled. Of course, in this case, although the thermal sublimation printer can also be used to print at low resolution, the printing cost cannot be reduced and the printing speed can only be slightly increased. Therefore, it is recommended to always print at the highest resolution. Secondly, the current thermal sublimation ribbon is not compatible with accessories. Now the manufacturers of several mainstream thermal sublimation printers use one-to-one correspondence, which further makes the price of thermal sublimation ribbon high

however, there are also two kinds of thermal sublimation ribbons: the CMY tricolor ribbon and the CMYK ribbon, which adds a protective layer. Although using the CMY tricolor ribbon can not add a protective layer to the photos, it is cheaper. It is suitable for photos to be saved only in photo albums. For photos printed with CMYK ribbon, a transparent protective layer can be added to the photos at the end, which is suitable for photos and certificate photos taken out

summary: although it is possible to leave a latent image on the tape base by using the traditional ribbon, the latent image left by the printed image and text on the used ribbon should be clearer after the thermal sublimation printing

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