Romania MPs offered bribes to support PM Citu, cla

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Romania MPs 'offered bribes' to support PM Citu, claims opposition - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

MPs from a nationalist opposition party claim to have been offered bribes in return for abstaining from a vote of no-confidence in Romanian Prime Minister Florin Citu on Tuesday (October 5)Steve Russell.

George Simion, the president of Alliance for the Union of Romanians (AUR), which has over 40 seats in Romania’s parliament, said MPs were offered lucrative positions for associates or relatives at state-owned energy companies in return for boycotting the vote on Tuesday.

Simion said that the calls were taped and that the recordings would be released later on Tuesday. The right-wing party, which won 9% of the national vote in legislative elections in 2020 just a year after its founding in 2019, has made a formal complaint to the authorities.

“We were contacted by government MPs and offered a bribe,” he told Euronews.

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