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Corrugated box transportation packaging system design

[Abstract] corrugated box is a kind of green packaging container with thin-wall structure, which is widely used in commodity packaging. The optimization design of corrugated box transportation and packaging system is a multi-objective function and multi variable optimization problem. Taking the maximum utilization rate of storage space as the optimization objective function and the strength of corrugated box as the constraint condition, the corrugated box structure, batching scheme and loading mode are optimized, which can carry out the optimization design of corrugated box in an all-round way, and better realize the safety protection and convenient storage and transportation function of corrugated box to products

key words: corrugated box transportation packaging optimization

1. Introduction

corrugated box is a green packaging container, which has a history of more than 100 years since its invention. The "praedham case" in the early 20th century marks the real rise of carton packaging and reveals the defects and deficiencies of wooden box packaging. During the first World War, corrugated boxes accounted for only 20% of transportation packaging, and wooden cases accounted for 80%. During the Second World War, the proportion of corrugated boxes in transportation packaging soared to 80%, while the use of wooden boxes fell sharply, and corrugated boxes became the most important transportation packaging containers. In the "longicorn beetle" incident at the end of 1998, fatigue testing machines required for experiments in the United States, Canada and the European Union generally have excellent UV protection functions. For zigzag fatigue testing machines and tension compression testing machines, the export of wooden boxes and pallets without heat treatment, fumigation treatment or anti-corrosion treatment in China is strictly prohibited, which effectively promotes the application research and promotion of corrugated boxes, honeycomb boxes and other paper packaging containers

2. Corrugated box performance analysis

corrugated box is a kind of packaging container with thin-walled structure, which has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, easy processing and molding, easy folding, easy storage and handling, easy recycling and recycling, excellent printing adaptability, low cost, and has been widely used in the sales packaging and transportation packaging of industrial and agricultural products such as food, fruits, vegetables, electronic products, industrial devices, cultural goods, etc. Table 1 shows the comprehensive performance comparison between corrugated boxes and wooden boxes. Obviously, corrugated boxes have an absolute advantage in sales packaging and transportation packaging, and are the best transportation packaging containers to replace wooden boxes. However, the strength of corrugated boxes is limited, which is significantly lower than that of wooden boxes. If wooden pallets or wooden supports are not used for reinforcement, the weight of the contents should preferably not exceed 55kg, and the sum of its length, width and height should not exceed 250cm. In addition, temperature and humidity conditions have a significant impact on the strength of corrugated boxes, so we must improve their moisture-proof ability

in a word, corrugated boxes have the packaging functions of protecting products, facilitating storage and transportation, and promoting sales. They are an ideal outer packaging container to gradually replace wooden boxes and plastic boxes

3. Corrugated box transportation and packaging system

3.1 optimal design

packaging containers play a decisive role in the safety protection and convenient storage and transportation of products in the logistics process from manufacturers to consumers. They can be evaluated according to the comprehensive role of packaging in commodity circulation, market sales, etc., including the cost of packaging materials, transportation cost The design scheme of minimizing the total packaging cost of storage cost is that the seam tensile strength is very important, that is, to optimize the geometry and size of a single package, the arrangement of a single package in the outer packaging container, and the geometry and size of the outer packaging container, so as to meet the following packaging design requirements:

· the most economical packaging materials and the lowest packaging cost

· the maximum utilization rate of pallets and storage space

· the strength of packaging containers can protect the safe transportation of products

· the packaging container meets the constraints of geometry and size

therefore, this is a multi-objective and multivariable optimization problem of transportation and packaging system design, which can be described as:

min{fk (VM, VT, VS)}k=1,2

(VM, VT, VS) ≤ 0

gt (VM, VT, VS) ≤ 0

gs (VM, VT, VS) ≤ 0

where subscripts m, t and s represent packaging materials, transportation methods and storage types respectively, VM, VT and vs are packaging material variables, transportation spectral quantities and storage variables respectively, FK is the cost objective function, and GM, GT and GS are packaging material constraints, transportation mode constraints and storage constraints respectively

Table 1 performance comparison between corrugated box and wooden box

advantages and disadvantages of numbered corrugated box wooden box project advantages and disadvantages 1 low compressive strength, high 2 elastic cushioning performance, inelastic 3 moisture-proof performance, easy to absorb moisture and deform, no deformation and rain, and not easy to dry 4 protect the product from vibration, and there are accessories such as grids, liners or liners inside to protect the product. The wood of the product is hard, and there are no accessories to protect the product, Easy to damage products 5. Good sealing, dust-proof, clean, with gaps, easy to enter dust and other sundries 6. Box type structure. Novel types, many simple types, less 7. Appearance quality. Box surface is smooth, clear, rough and fuzzy. 8. Storage, transportation, loading and unloading are light, easy to stack, bulky and laborious. 9. Empty box storage is foldable, and the space occupied is small. Three dimensional box type, Large space occupied 10 maneuverability, convenient packing, fast speed, laborious packing, slow speed, 11 low and high packaging cost, 12 low raw material resource consumption, low wood shortage, 13 production mode, mechanization, high automation efficiency, semi mechanization or low manual operation efficiency, 14 international transportation adapts to international product packaging, and many countries prohibit wooden cases from export packaging, 15 small volume, light weight, low transportation cost, large volume, heavy weight, High transportation cost 16. Waste disposal is easy to recycle, good environmental protection, complex demolition and difficult to deal with

3.2 design block diagram

as an important outer packaging container, the design of corrugated box mainly includes functional design, structural design and decoration design. Functional design involves the convenience of use and storage and handling efficiency of cartons, including box type selection, commodity arrangement, molding form, sealing and opening. Structural design includes factors related to packaging strength and protective characteristics, such as the selection of box type, assembly and assembly structure, sealing and connection forms, accessories, gaskets, etc. that are conducive to improving strength. The decoration design mainly designs the appearance characteristics of cartons, transportation and packaging marks, printability, etc. Figure 1 is the corrugated box design flow chart, excluding functional design and decoration design, where P and P 'are the theoretical and measured values of compressive strength respectively, PS is the stacking strength, and K is the safety factor

4. Corrugated box structure optimization design

4.1 design steps

(1) calculate the carton structure size

(2) select the best box type

(3) calculate the compressive strength and optimize the batching scheme of corrugated board

(4) blank drawing design

(5) output the blank drawing and paperboard batching scheme

Figure 1 corrugated box structure design block diagram

4.2 corrugated box structure CAD

corrugated box structure CAD mainly includes the following aspects: calculating the compressive strength of cartons, checking the stacking strength of cartons, designing the structure diagram of carton blanks, outputting the blank diagram and paperboard batching scheme. Its flow chart is shown in Figure 2. There are two databases and a graphic library in corrugated box structure CAD, namely, cardboard batching scheme database, corrugated database and box database, which are respectively called by the corresponding function modules

there are 24 combined schemes of corrugated board in the paperboard batching scheme database, and the corrugated paper and lining paper are the same in each scheme. The database mainly records the information including the gram weight and ring compression strength of corrugated base paper, organizes the data in the form of structure, stores it in the form of library file, and realizes the operations of data input, addition, modification, reading and display through sub functions

the ridge type database mainly records the combination mode of various ridges and the relationship between their thicknesses. It also organizes data in a structure, stores it in the form of library files, and realizes data input, addition, modification, reading, display and other operations through sub functions

the box graphic library records the international standard carton structures of 14 models in 02 categories, including 0200, 0201, 0203, 0204, 0205, 0206, 0210, 0211, 0212, 0215, 0216, 0217, 0218, 0225 and other box types, which can meet the transportation and packaging selection of small mechanical and electrical products. The data input, addition, modification, selection, display and amplification of carton graphic library are realized through sub functions

Figure 2 corrugated box structure CAD flow chart

5. Conclusion

corrugated box is widely used in commodity packaging, has an absolute advantage in sales packaging and transportation packaging, and is the best transportation packaging container to replace wooden boxes. The optimization design of corrugated box transportation and packaging system is a multi-objective function and multi variable optimization problem. Taking the maximum utilization rate of storage space as the optimization, the universal tensile testing machine is a multi-functional tensile machine objective function, and the corrugated box strength is the constraint condition. Optimizing the corrugated box structure, batching scheme and loading mode can comprehensively carry out the optimization design of corrugated boxes and better realize the safety protection of corrugated boxes to products, Convenient storage and transportation function

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