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Design of web courseware content packaging model based on teaching objects (III)

2.3 expansion of resource elements

in the list of content packaging, resource elements are common faults 4: the description of O10 objects used in content structure, including an O10 object identifier attribute and O10 object entry pointer (href) attribute. Because O10 is a teaching object encapsulated with a variety of teaching methods, In order to realize the correct aggregation of O10 objects in the content structure, the information of teaching methods in the O10 object interface must be provided in the resource element, and the information of O10 object message mapping must be given at the same time. Therefore, a sub element of method set (Methods) is added to the resource element of SCORM specification, which has three uses in the resource element:

① provide the number of teaching methods in the O10 object interface, And the name and entry address of each method. The entry address of the method in the object is given by the child element href in the method

② provide the number and name of service request messages sent by each method in the teaching process

(set a receiver sub element in the message element, give the identifier and response method of the message receiving object, and realize that the message of 010 object requesting service is mainly vertical and horizontal. You don't know how to select the mapping for connecting each power line. In the resources element, through the setting of message transmission, Forming the link relationship between OIO objects in the courseware (as shown in Figure 4) is the remarkable feature and key to the implementation of the content packaging model of this method. The expanded resource element structure is shown in Figure 5.

3 conclusion

the smallest unit of content aggregation is designed into an OIO object with an open structure with dangling link pointer and mutual message, which aggregates and packages the content of shared courseware, And the learning management system LMS testing and tracking the mechanical properties of 010 object, such as management, operation and shearing, will cause certain difficulties and difficulties; But at the same time, it also improves the use efficiency of a single OIO object in courseware content aggregation, and reduces the redundancy of data in content packaging.

(author/Luo Hui, Zhu Xinhua, School of mathematics and computer science, Guangxi Normal University)

source: Journal of Guangxi Normal University: Natural Science Edition - 2005 issue 2

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