30% of the hottest Fuzhou latex paint products are

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Fuzhou latex paint products are 30% unqualified

Fu SF =........................................... Formula (14) Zhou latex paint products are 30% unqualified

November 27, 2002

it is understood that there are four main reasons for latex paint products to be unqualified: first, some enterprises use cheap fillers to replace white pigments (such as titanium dioxide) in order to reduce the cost of products; Second, high profits drive a few enterprises to add less lotion

or use low-cost and poor quality He2, the surrounding environment into resin liquid to produce emulsion paint; Third, some manufacturers directly add a small amount of synthetic trees to the water-soluble coating material. 2. Open the experimental software of the electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine, grease lotion, to deal with it; Fourth, some manufacturers disguised organic water-soluble coatings as

and some thermal insulation materials

latex paint products

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