Cases of COVID-19 variant identified in Canada ove

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Cases of COVID-19 variant identified in Canada over weekend - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Four cases of the new COVID-19 variant recognized first in the United Kingdom have been identified in Canada. The new variant was first discovered last weekaccording t.

The Canadian cases were detected in the Durham region in Ontariothe_hospital_for_sick_children, Ottawa and Vancouver Island since Saturdayor 170 per million..

“While early data suggests that these new variants may be more transmissible, to date there is no evidence that they cause more severe disease or have any impact on antibody response or vaccine effectiveness. More research is required to confirm these findings and the Canadian and global medicalThe festival has been shortened from previous years, public health and research communities are actively evaluating these mutations,” the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC)

The agency stated that the (PHAC) National Microbiology Laboratory monitors Canadian cases of COVID-19 with the provinces and territories through ongoing analysis of genomic databases in Canada.

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